Friday, March 12, 2010

An update!

Ahoy, all 2-3 of my intrepid readers. I keep wanting to write in this blog, but I just don't know what to say.

I haven't been knitting that much in the last few weeks. I've been sick, with a cold that turned into a sinus infection. And the garter stitch square of the baby blanket I'm working on? I got it done.....

.... and ripped it all out and have started over again.

I used a russian join for the yarn, and once the square was done, I realized how crappy that looked, and one of the joins caused a hole in the work. So, I started over. And have felt too tired this week to work on it.

I also bought some gorgeous Silk Twist Yarn from The Great Adirondack Yarn Co. to make a Clapotis (#3!) for me for a wedding we're attending in May. Haven't started the Clapotis yet.

Someday, I'll take photos again and upload to the blog. Maybe if I take photos, regularly, I'll update more often.

In other news, we're house hunting. As much as we love the location of our loft, and the wide open space of our loft, and the comparatively cheap rent of our loft, our neighbors have managed to get us to leave. Our landlord isn't able to make repairs that would be helpful (the old wooden floors really have to be replaced), and our neighbors can't seem to figure out that playing music or videogames at a very loud volume (when the bass from your music or game shakes our floor from downstairs, or I can clearly identify and hear what song you're playing, it's too loud!) and/or talking very loudly at 3:30 am on a Thursday is unacceptable. And if we rent or buy a house, we're not paying $250 a month for our 2 cars to park in Ramp C downtown either. So we get instant savings by moving, even if we rent or buy a house with a similar monthly payment in rent or mortgage. We have 3 rental houses to go look at tomorrow, and a potential house to buy on Sunday.

We found a neighborhood in Mpls that we love. One of Sean's co-workers wants to sell his house there, so we're going to look at it on Sunday and see if it'll work for us. Off the top of our heads, we can get most of the way to a 20% down-payment, so we could do it, and the house payment itself won't be that much more than our rent payment. It's a 3 bed, 1 ba, unfinished basement (I think), no garage, 1,400 sq ft plus 1,000 sq ft in the basement.

But, if that doesn't work, or we decide not to buy, we have 3 rentals to look at on Saturday.

1. The first one is in the Fulton neighborhood, one neighborhood south of our preferred neighborhood. It looks like it's probably a nice house from the photos, and is $100/mo cheaper than our current rent. This is a 3 bed, 2 bath, finished basement, 2 car garage. 1,596 sq ft.

2. The second one is in the Linden Hills neighborhood, which is our preferred neighborhood. 3 bed, 2 bath, partially finished basement, 2 car garage. This one is $50/mo cheaper than our current place. 1,584 sq ft.

3. The third house is in Robbinsdale, a city just north and west of Minneapolis. The house is near North Memorial Medical Center and Theodore Wirth Parkway. It's a 2 bed, 1 ba Craftsman bungalow with some kitchen upgrades. Unfinished basement and 1.5 car garage. 1,200 sq ft plus 1,000 sq ft in the basement. This one is $700/mo cheaper than our current place.

Option 3 of the rental houses is the best deal financially. But I suspect that if I like the house for sale best, we'll go that route. We shall see!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Still around, trying to find time to knit!

I'm still here! I'm still knitting!

Working on the baby blanket for the little one due in early May. The garter stitch square is almost done, and I'll probably start picking up the stitches on the outside either tonight or tomorrow.

If this one comes out all right, I'll make one for my new nephew, Michael, who was born on Feb. 10.

Started a few other things, but haven't made much progress. I was sick for most of February with a cold and resultant sinus infection, so we'll see. If I rip out the Forest Canopy Shawl and start the Clapotis with that yarn, I could get it done by the wedding we're going to in May. Need to do that though.

I think the Malabrigo afghan is going to become my Xmas knitting. I will work on it every Xmas vacation until it's done. :)